Ohio Poultry Association

Hosting Blogger Tour to Commemorate World Egg Day

The Project

Inspire worked with the Ohio Poultry Association (OPA) to organize an event to celebrate World Egg Day, held annually in October, with Ohio-based food and lifestyle bloggers to help them learn firsthand about Ohio egg farming, egg nutrition and cooking. Seven bloggers from across the state gathered in OPA’s office in Columbus to attend the two-day event.

The bloggers learned all about eggs—from cooking tips and hacks to egg safety to egg farming. They were led in an interactive egg cooking demonstration, learning how to cook and prepare eggs in a variety of ways. They also learned insider tips for preparing and serving eggs and were provided with fun egg hacks. Several OPA farmer-members were on-site to talk with bloggers about their modern egg farming practices and commitments. OPA worked with two popular restaurants in downtown Columbus to host bloggers for a special cocktail hour and dinner featuring egg-inspired drinks and dishes.

The Results

  • During the event, the bloggers shared frequent updates across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter with their more than half-million combined followers, including:
    • 135 Instagram posts and stories with 101,381 followers
    • 1 Facebook post with 15,954 followers
    • 13 tweets with more than 6,000 Twitter followers
  • The bloggers wrote six blog posts about what they learned during OPA’s blogger tour, which received 8,920 views and reached a potential 887,000 online readers.
followers reached through participating bloggers