Inspire is a growing agency, nationally recognized as a trusted communications partner to valued brands. With offices in Columbus and Cleveland, Ohio, and Asheville, North Carolina, Inspire provides award-winning communications, marketing, digital and public relations solutions for local, regional and national clients.

Why should you choose a job at Inspire? There are a few reasons you might fit in here.

Benefits – For Now and for Later

Our team members deserve the confidence and reassurance of a strong benefits program. That’s why Inspire provides an excellent benefits package – including health, dental, vision, disability and life insurance. Oh, and it starts in your first month – no waiting.

Inspire supports moms and dads who give birth or adopt with paid leave, too.

For the long term, we offer a 3% annual 401K contribution (not a match – we’ll put it in whether or not you do!) that starts immediately plus discretionary profit sharing and pension contributions. Our financial advisor is our partner and provides individual counseling to our team members when needed.

It’s an investment in our team that adds up to support for the now – and the later.

We offer performance-based bonuses and reward our team for a job well done throughout the year, and year-end bonuses, too.

Time Off

Inspire offers a flexible paid-time-off policy. It also starts immediately. Need to take some time off to disconnect and recharge, travel somewhere new or celebrate life big events with friends and family? Inspire offers unlimited personal time off, so you can take time when you need it. We even will pitch in once a year to help make your travel or self-care and travel dreams a reality.

Feeling under the weather? Take a paid sick day, so you can rest up and get better.

Flexibility – Combined with Radical Responsibility

Our workplace is flexible. We believe in balance – in the power of being together and in the benefit of time for focus. That’s why we embrace a hybrid model of working. It’s typically three days in the office and two days out, but our team members can choose how that schedule best suits them each week. On Fridays, we are fully remote, and our associates can work where they choose.

On a daily basis, some team members start earlier and leave earlier – others sleep a little longer and come in to work later and stay later. You do what works for you. Have a school conference or refrigerator repair? It’s okay – you don’t need to take PTO, you can flex your workday as needed.

Professional Development

Talent is what we have to offer our clients – and investing in our talent is a smart strategy. From an annual budget for travel to conferences to monthly Food for Thoughts and webinars and guest speakers from outside our business, we take growing our team seriously. Membership fees in professional associations? Attendance at leadership development programs? Yep, we’ll cover it. If you want to advance, Inspire is your place.

Community Involvement

Inspire was built with the vision to not only do good work, but to do good things for our community. That’s why we created our annual Inspiring Good grant program. In and out of the office, we give back both in time and funds to organizations and causes we care about—and we encourage our team to do so, too. We offer time for you to volunteer and will make a cash donation to a cause of your choice when you volunteer 25+ hours a year.

Interesting Work, Great Clients

We love what we do. Our specialty areas of focus are whatever we’re curious about, and what aligns with our values. We’ve said no to clients who aren’t a fit. We’ve said no to clients we weren’t confident would meet our high client standards.

We trust our clients, and we want them to trust us. That’s why respectful candor is a part of every relationship we have.

If you’re new to PR or a recent graduate – no worries. Your only limit is you. If you have the drive and the spark, we’ll give you interesting, important work to do. That’s a promise.

All are welcome here. Inspire respects all religions, cultures and beliefs. Our differences make us stronger and better.

Ready for a Career At Inspire?

Interested in a career or internship with our fun, creative team? See job descriptions below for recent open positions. Send your resumé, cover letter and writing samples to

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