Pet Food Institute

Feeding and Treating for a Long and Healthy Life Animated Video

The Project

It is estimated that 56% of dog and 60% of cats in the United States are overweight or obese, which can lead to serious health issues. To communicate the importance of responsible feeding and treating for dogs and cats, Inspire worked with the Pet Food Institute (PFI), the voice of the U.S. pet food and treat makers, to develop an educational animated video.

The Feeding and Treating for a Long and Healthy Life animation illustrates the role that complete and balanced pet food and treats can play in keeping pets healthy, when fed as directed, as well as reinforces that the pet food industry cares about the health and well-being of pets and is invested in promoting healthy habits. In addition, it helps explain the health problems that may be caused by extra weight and offers tips to how to help maintain a healthy weight for pets.

Inspire worked with PFI to develop and implement media relations and social media outreach strategies to launch the animation, including distributing a news release, engaging in proactive pitching to key media contacts and sharing on social media through both paid and organic tactics.

The Results

  • The animation has been shared by PFI partners including Pet Partners, American Veterinary Medical Association, and PIJAC. Member companies including Purina and MARS have shared it via their social media channels.
  • Feeding and Treating for a Long and Healthy Life has received 106,700+ views on PFI’s Facebook page, including 94,700+ from paid advertising and 12,000+ organic views.
  • The video has received 60,000+ views on Twitter, including about 1,000 organic views.
  • The page where it is hosted on has received almost 4,700 views since it was launched.
  • A news release announcing the launch of the animation was sent via PRNewswire and was picked up by 112 news outlets, reaching an audience of 94 million.
  • A total of 16 media placements were secured, which were shared with an audience of 52.6 million.
  • PFI shared the video with its member pet food and treat companies as a resource for connecting with customers, shared it with veterinarians through partner industry groups, and sent a news release about the video to pet trade and consumer media.
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Views on Twitter