Protect|ED Clean Air In Schools Campaign


Clean Air In Schools Campaign

The Project

Protect|ED is on a mission to help provide safe, healthy environments for learning and play. As leaders in clean air, Protect|ED equips school districts with the tools they need to improve the quality of their educational and athletic spaces. Inspire was tasked with increasing awareness of the WellAir NanoStrike 900W’s air purification technology, as well as helping schools rectify their air-quality issues.

In an effort to ensure students have clean air to breathe, Inspire decided a campaign was needed focused on educating teachers and school decision makers about the benefits of improved indoor air quality in schools. The Clean Air In Schools Campaign included the launch of a new website,, a comprehensive social media and paid digital advertising campaign, earned media outreach, paid media placements, strategic sponsorship efforts, and through a comprehensive stakeholder toolkit.

The Results

During this campaign, schools across the country made improvements in student health, attendance rates, and performance. Inspire also achieved the following highlighted results:

  • The digital advertising campaign delivered more than 283,100 impressions and generated a click thru rate of 0.14% to
  • Facebook ads earned more than 845,917 impressions and reached an audience of 283,842. These ads also earned 5,954 unique link clicks to the website for a cost-per-click of $0.92
  • Organic Facebook and Instagram posts reached an audience of 395,219
  • Twitter web traffic ads earned 176,356 impressions and drove 10,553 unique link clicks to the website, for a cost-per-click of $0.18