Pet Leadership Council

Developing a Comprehensive Website to Educate and Assist Consumers on How to “Be Dog Smart”

The Project

The Pet Leadership Council (PLC), a national community of companies and organizations committed to assuring the care of companion animals, enlisted Inspire’s support on a multifaceted project to raise brand awareness, tackle important issues, and reach the PLC’s target demographic of pet owners or individuals considering adding a pet to their family.

After conducting a national research study to understand what was on pet consumers’ minds, Inspire deployed an initiative focused on educating consumers about responsible pet acquisition, which was identified as a top issue of importance from the study.

Inspire then worked with PLC to develop a comprehensive consumer-facing website,, to serve as a central hub to educate and assist consumers in acquiring and caring for a pet. Inspire developed a site map, drafted website copy, designed all of the site’s visuals and graphics and worked closely with a web developer to build the user-guided website.

Following the website development, Inspire led all promotions of the new website and initiative, which included developing promotional videos and other brand assets, managing organic and paid social media advertising tactics, creating a customized stakeholder toolkit to distribute to PLC members to help them promote the website within their networks, overseeing a digital advertising campaign, managing influencer promotions and developing and implementing a robust communications campaign to launch the website that included the distribution of an interactive multichannel news release over the national wire.

The Results

In the three weeks after launching the website:

  • More than 6,000 unique users visited the site.
  • The site earned nearly 10,000 pageviews.
  • The average amount of time spent on each page was approximately 1.5 minutes.
  • The news release led to 154 placements in noteworthy publications including MarketWatch and Business Insider and reached a potential audience of 161 million.
  • The advertorial article was published 922 times in noteworthy publications including Yahoo! Finance and International Business Times and reached a potential audience of 167 million.
  • Display and pre-roll digital ads earned 834,267 impressions, and social media ads drove more than 700 link clicks to the new website.
Ohio bloggers engaged
million media impressions
display and pre- roll video ad impressions