Pet Advocacy Network

Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council Rebrand

The Project

The Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council (PIJAC) serves as the legislative and regulatory voice for the responsible pet care community. As PIJAC prepared to celebrate its 50th anniversary, the organization was interested in increasing awareness of and strengthening its reputation in the pet care community by presenting a refreshed and unified visual identity, brand and messaging that is consistent with its scope of impact and value to its target audiences. The organization enlisted the help of Inspire PR Group to develop and launch a new brand to represent how the organization has evolved over the past five decades.

Specifically, Inspire supported PIJAC with:

• Conducting a comprehensive brand audit and stakeholder research, including one-on-one interviews, a stakeholder survey, and a message-finding session, to support the development of messaging, brand assets and a new website;

• Developing a message framework mapped by stakeholders that succinctly helps target audiences understand what PIJAC does and the organization’s value proposition to those it serves;

• Creating a new brand identity, branding guidelines, and template identity materials that are compatible with website best practices;

• Supporting the web developer team in designing and developing a new, interactive and visually appealing website that meets the needs of PIJAC’s target audiences;

• Implementing a strategic communications plan for the launch of PIJAC’s new brand identity and website.

The Results

The Pet Advocacy Network successfully presented its new name and identity at Global Pet Expo, one of the country’s largest pet products trade shows.

The new identity received praise among industry leaders and pet lovers alike, and it was quickly adopted by those in the pet care community.

As a result of the media outreach around the rebrand, the Pet Advocacy Network received:

• More than five interviews with trade industry reporters to discuss the new brand

• Coverage of the rebrand in more than 20 publications due to organic outreach Messages from the client team to Inspire following the completed rebrand included:

“Thank you all at Inspire for everything you’ve done to get us to this point. The Board didn’t just accept our recommendation (for the new brand identity), they enthusiastically embraced it.”

“I want to thank you all so much for all you put into this effort, I am so proud of it and so excited for our work to get even more exposure with this rebrand.”