Inspire's Grammar-Related Pet Peeves

March 4, 2020

As writing professionals, we have an eye for grammatical errors, so in honor of National Grammar Day (March 4), Inspire associates share their biggest grammar-related pet peeves. Are any of these your pet peeves too?

Marissa Mullen: “Mixing up ‘sense’ and ‘since’ really makes me cringe – also when someone says ‘seen’ instead of ‘saw’ (ie: ‘I seen some deer in that field’).”

Jess Ensley: “Mine is a tie between ‘for all intensive purposes’ instead of ‘for all intents and purposes’ and when people say ‘could of, would of, should of’ instead of ‘could have, would have, should have.’”

Shelby Bradford: “Mine is when people say ‘taken for granite’ instead of ‘taken for granted,’ ‘irregardless’ instead of ‘regardless’ and ‘sneak peak’ instead of ‘sneak peek.’”

Lauren Prettyman: “Accrost (across) and expresso (espresso) and supposably (supposedly) and Oxford commas and double spacing after periods... I could go on...”

Hinda Mitchell: “How people use ‘which’ or ‘that’ in a sentence... also ‘could of’ versus ‘could've’ or ‘could have.’”

Katie Lundy: “I think mine would have to be when people say ‘me and Sarah went to the play’ instead of ‘Sarah and I went to the play’ – makes my skin crawl!”

Hana Bieliauskas: “I cannot stand it when people say ‘good’ instead of ‘well.’ Like, ‘it went good’ instead of "it went well." I can just hear my mom correcting me every time!!”

Diane Hurd: “Mine is your and ‘you're.’ It makes me cringe every time someone says, ‘your welcome.’”

Susie Dunlea: "It bothers me when people use the wrong form of ‘its’ and ‘it’s,’ and the classic ‘two/to/too’ mix up is always cringe-worthy.”