Inspire's Grammar-Related Pet Peeves

March 4, 2020

As writing professionals, we have an eye for grammatical errors! We asked a few Inspire associates to share their biggest grammar-related pet peeves. Do any of these bother you, too?

Marissa Mullen: “Mixing up ‘sense’ and ‘since’ really makes me cringe – also when someone says ‘seen’ instead of ‘saw’ (ie: ‘I seen some deer in that field’).”

Lauren Prettyman: “Accrost (across) and expresso (espresso) and supposably (supposedly) and Oxford commas and double spacing after periods... I could go on...”

Hinda Mitchell: “How people use ‘which’ or ‘that’ in a sentence... also ‘could of’ versus ‘could've’ or ‘could have.’”

Katie Lundy: “I think mine would have to be when people say ‘me and Sarah went to the play’ instead of ‘Sarah and I went to the play’ – makes my skin crawl!”

Hana Bieliauskas: “I cannot stand it when people say ‘good’ instead of ‘well.’ Like, ‘it went good’ instead of "it went well." I can just hear my mom correcting me every time!!”

Diane Hurd: “Mine is your and ‘you're.’ It makes me cringe every time someone says, ‘your welcome.’”