Eight PR Thoughts for National Ice Cream Day

By Hinda Mitchell
July 21, 2019

Today is one of the greatest national food holidays – National Ice Cream Day. Whether your choice is chocolate or vanilla, hot fudge or marshmallow, there are a lot of delicious reasons to love the PR inspiration that ice cream can give us.

  1. Getting the “scoop” is not as easy as it used to be. – Media relations is tough these days. Just an e-blast to a media database won’t do it.PR practitioners have to really commit to creative pitches and strategic targeting of the right reporters and outlets.
  2. Sometimes you need the “cone” of silence. – While no comment is rarely appropriate, sometimes confidentiality is essential or you don’t yet have all the answers. But consider making a general statement, or let folks know when you’ll have something to say.
  3. Don’t settle for “Vanilla” content. – In a crowded digital space, make sure your content is not bland or boring. Include visuals, video and other imagery. Catch the audience’s attention with some sprinkles and topping.
  4. Try not to “waffle” on your strategy. – When counseling a client or c-suite executive, you’ve got to be able to develop a sound strategy – and then stick with it. Be prepared to shift as needed, but keep your eye on the long-term communications outcomes you’re trying to achieve.
  5. Sometimes a “soft serve” is better than a hard one. – Don’t send a news release to do the work of a one-to-one pitch; on many occasions, it’s the softer approach that gets things done. Likewise, understanding your audience and how they like to receive information may call for a deft touch and lower-key communications.
  6. Don’t get “frozen” by writer’s block. – For communicators, writer’s block can be a frequent occurrence. Sometimes, stepping away from the project for a while is what’s needed. Change the scenery, work on another project or simply take a break – the words will return.
  7. Rely on a steady “drip” of communications. – Audiences don’t instantly absorb your message. Frequency in sharing, consistency in message and diverse tactics assure that your target audiences will be sure to have exposure to your story.
  8. Some people are dish people; some are cone people. Some even want a sundae. – Tailor your message to your audience. There is no “one size fits all” to PR. Understand who you’re trying to reach, craft the right strategy and plan for thoughtful, targeted execution.