Celebrate Daylight Saving Time: 3 Ways to Advance Your Career in 60 Minutes

By Diane Hurd
November 2, 2018

The weather is getting colder and the days are getting shorter, but for at least for one day, we can celebrate an extra hour of time to do whatever we want.

On Sunday, Daylight Saving Time will come to an end. Why not use that extra 60 minutes to do something to get ahead in your career? Here are three things PR professionals can do this weekend to take advantage of the extra hour:

  1. Freshen up your LinkedIn profile. Your LinkedIn profile is often the first source that employers and clients access to learn more about you. To build your personal brand, make sure you have the basics in place first: add a current profile photo, make sure your industry and title are correct, include your location, add skills and a headline, and create a custom URL.
  2. Keep up with current trends. Our industry is constantly changing and evolving and it’s important to stay on top of current trends. Stay ahead of the curve by watching a new webinar from PRSA or PR News or read new articles on PR Daily and Mashable.
  3. Expand your network. Have you been meaning to schedule a meeting with your mentor or client? When is the last time you engaged proactively with media and other influencers? Building relationships is a critical component to a successful PR career. Take advantage of the extra hour to send a handwritten note to a prospective client or current stakeholder, engage with new Twitter followers, or grab a cup of coffee with a fellow PR pro.

How will you be spending your extra hour this weekend?