Getting Started with HubSpot: The Top 3 Tools Every Agency Should Use

By Anne Parker
September 26, 2023

HubSpot, a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform, has become a staple in many marketers’ tool belts, offering a wide variety of resources to effectively reach target audiences. From social media content scheduling to automated emails and contact management, HubSpot is a well-rounded tool that many organizations can benefit from.

HubSpot continues to grow and evolve with the marketing and PR landscape to meet the needs of today’s communicators. For example, following its annual conference, HubSpot announced a new suite of generative AI and analytics tools with public beta versions already available, keeping the company on trend for in-demand products.

Select features can only be accessed with a paid subscription, but a sizable number of HubSpot products are available with a free plan, making it easy to test and determine if it’s right for your organization’s marketing and PR needs. If you’re considering implementing HubSpot within your PR firm’s strategy, learn about some of the key features that could make a great impact.

Contact Management

First and foremost, PR agencies should explore the comprehensive contacts database HubSpot offers to manage information and relationships with clients, partner companies, influencers and more. With the ability to create lists, it’s extremely helpful when it comes to sending industry-specific newsletters, company updates and other external communications with targeted audiences.

Email Marketing

As the world is more digital than ever, email marketing plays a massive part in businesses’ communication strategies, no matter the industry. Statista estimates that there 4 billion daily email users and email marketing revenue will reach nearly 11 billion by the end of this year.

HubSpot’s email marketing product offers a wide assortment of tools such as templates, content block layouts, brand customization and personalization for the recipient.

With a paid subscription plan, agencies can also take advantage of the workflow automations and set up certain cues to send custom emails. For example, if your company likes to add a personal touch to your client outreach, this is ideal for sending birthday and work anniversary emails automatically to those in your contact list.

Social Media

As a feature of HubSpot Marketing Hub Professional, you’re able to schedule content across all social media platforms at once. This includes Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and X (formerly known as Twitter). YouTube is available to connect to your HubSpot with the Marketing Hub Enterprise plan.

HubSpot provides an array of analytics specifically for social media. Reports can be generated based on metrics like audience, shares, clicks, overall interactions, impressions and more. And with the new generative AI tools, you’ll even be able to develop social media captions and other copy within the platform.

Other features that HubSpot Marketing offers include website development, SEO, campaign management, blogs, performance analytics, and digital advertising for Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google.

One of the great parts of HubSpot is the ability to mix and match services based on your needs. Besides the Marketing Hub, additional tools are available for sales, customer service and operations software.

How do you plan to start incorporating HubSpot into your agency’s PR and marketing efforts?