6 Digital Trend Predictions for 2024

By Hayley Maynard
January 5, 2024

As we set our 2024 marketing plans, it is important to recognize the ever-evolving digital realm. In this era of constant connectivity and technological innovation, staying ahead of the curve is a necessity and will allow your business to be top of mind for customers and consumers. From the continued infusion of artificial intelligence to the potential fall of X and the rise of LinkedIn, let’s explore six digital trends for you to consider as you develop your 2024 digital marketing strategy.

Integration of AI

In 2024, we can expect the continued integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the digital space, especially social media platforms. AI tools and data collected on social channels will support further algorithm tailoring – creating upgraded and personalized user experiences.

As it relates to digital advertising, Meta (Facebook, Instagram and Threads) specifically, AI tools will help advertisers define an ideal target audience, enhance ad placement options and even suggest ad copy that will perform best based on previous ad performance.

Niche Influencer Collaboration

Collaborating with niche influencers has emerged as a powerful marketing strategy, promising a more targeted and authentic reach for brands. Rather than focusing solely on the influencer’s follower count, forging partnerships with influencers within specific niches is gaining momentum because of their loyal followings with shared passions or interests and highly engaged communities.

Find niche influencers for your brand by spending time researching potential audiences – think outside the box. Whether it's specialized food bloggers or local travel experts, niche influencers bring an unparalleled level of credibility and expertise, making their endorsements resonate more profoundly. Also, consider utilizing untraditional social media platforms such as Twitch, to reach alternative audiences. As you start building a potential list of influencers to engage with, follow their platforms and start conversations to help determine the best fit for your brand.

Growth of Social Commerce

The integration of e-commerce on social media platforms continues to accelerate, offering users a seamless shopping experience within their favorite social media apps. While this feature has been active on Pinterest for years, the instant shopping features on Instagram and TikTok Shop are becoming more dynamic with every app update. These features, such as "Buy Now" buttons and in-app checkout, streamline the consumer journey, turning social interactions and digital ads into transactional opportunities – expanding the reach and revenue of brands and influencers.

Businesses with e-commerce products can capitalize on the power of social commerce to showcase products and enhance the overall buying process. As we continue to watch this evolve, we anticipate Instagram posts shying away from the “Link in bio” language and using integrated tools for direct link clicks.

The Uncertain Future of X

X, formerly known as Twitter, continues to face ongoing uncertainty. Following ownership changes in late 2022, X users have faced a name change, content moderation alterations and an unpredictable landscape. While the platform remains a key space for some groups such as government officials and those in the education space, it faces ongoing concerns about user engagement, content moderation, and competition. Threads came on the social scene this past June but has failed to gain traction in the way it was expected to.

The most recent comments from X owner Elon Musk regarding advertisers caused a massive decline in ad revenue and we expect that to continue into 2024. Brands should evaluate whether they and their target audience align with X’s values before making large investments in the new year.

Rise of LinkedIn

Given the uncertain future of X, we are likely to see many brands place a heavier emphasis on LinkedIn in the coming year. With more than 900 million users worldwide and projections to reach 1 billion by 2025, LinkedIn is a growing platform of professionals looking to network and seek new opportunities and ideas. LinkedIn also offers robust advertising options, which can be extremely targeted and provide detailed reporting.

In addition to running targeted ad campaigns that reach professionals, brands can elevate company leadership or executive teams through the platform's article publishing feature. LinkedIn thought leadership articles can help position organization leaders as subject matter experts and perfect references when pitching the media. The platform has evolved from a professional job board to a trust place where businesses and leaders can share company values to increase retention and frame your business as an ideal place to work.

Short-Form Video Still Strong

As video content remains key in digital marketing strategies, we anticipate the continued growth of YouTube Shorts. These short-form, vertical videos, similar to Meta’s Reels, are uploaded directly to YouTube from the YouTube app. YouTube users can view shorts from the app or web version of YouTube and are served content based on subscriptions and interactions with Shorts. If you have an existing YouTube channel, incorporating Shorts into your 2024 plan will help drive traffic and engagement to your channel.

While Pinterest is known as a visual search engine to spark inspiration – the use of videos on the platform has been increasing for years. In fact, it is estimated that users watch close to one billion videos a day on Pinterest.

Your 2024 marketing plan should include a video strategy for the platforms you’re present on. Streamline your process by creating videos in bulk and scheduling to post throughout the year or reuse video content from previous campaigns to bring light to high-performing content.

2024 is here and the time to think about how you’ll reach your target audience is now. Which of these digital trends will you incorporate into this year’s digital marketing plan?