2021 Video Trends You Should Know

By Lauren Prettyman
February 9, 2021

Companies and individuals across the globe have been increasingly creating and sharing video content. Not only are social media platforms pushing video to the forefront with changes to newsfeed algorithms, but online users are also consuming more video content than ever. According to Smart Insights, we will all spend an average of 100 minutes per day watching online videos this year, up from 84 minutes in 2020.

Considering online video is growing faster than TV, what will we spend one hour and 40 minutes daily watching? Keep reading to find out what types of video content is predicted to rise to the top in 2021.

User-Generated Content

We’ve seen more and more social media videos filmed by everyday content creators using smartphones vs. produced by a professional team over the past year. This is partly due to the COVID-19 pandemic keeping videographers from shooting on-site and also because it’s become easier for anyone to create, edit and share video content. For videographers like me, this is a change we’re having to adapt to as it becomes the norm. While it may not look as sharply put together, user-generated video is real, honest and fun to watch – and it’s a great way for businesses to share genuine, down-to-earth content that builds consumer trust. Expect to see lots more of it on your newsfeeds this year!

Short-form videos

Rising in popularity particularly over the past year, short-form videos, like those seen on TikTok and Instagram Reels, have taken over the internet. The great thing about short-form videos is they’re typically only 15 seconds to two minutes long; however, that means your message has to be succinct, direct and memorable. The average attention span doesn’t last long, so zero-in on what you want your message to say and BE BOLD, so you keep users interested. This can be a fun, yet powerful, way for brands to dip their toes into the world of video.


Whether for business or for fun, livestreaming is continuing gain popularity. Businesses are “going live” to stream timely content to users for everything from quick updates to hours-long conferences. With less people able to travel safely the past 12 months, live video has effortlessly filled in the gaps. It shows customers that you’re willing to be authentic with them, and it allows you to have real-time interaction with those tuning in. There really is no better way to build brand confidence.


Businesses should look to incorporate more video content in advertising, too. Increasingly, video ads are receiving more views and engagements than those with static images. When and where applicable, ads with a video component should be utilized. Try out some of Facebook’s new features, like slideshows and stories, to put static photos into motion, or turn existing videos into readymade story ads with Facebook’s user-friendly templates. From Facebook and Instagram to Google Ads, video ads may seem complicated, but they really are simple to set up and manage.

TLDR: Video isn’t going anywhere. Be prepared to produce (and watch) more video content in 2021 than ever. The one piece of advice I have for companies who want to create more video content: Don’t be afraid to give it a try! Much of what we do is trial-and-error, so try new things, figure out what works best for you and your company, and run with it.