American Dairy Association Mideast

Leveraging Video to Communicate Why Sustainability Matters to Ohio Dairy Farmers

The Project

In 2020, the National Dairy Council announced the U.S. dairy community’s collective goal of becoming carbon neutral or better by 2050, in addition to goals of optimizing water use while maximizing recycling and improving water quality by optimizing utilization of manure and nutrients.

Inspire worked with the American Dairy Association Mideast (ADA Mideast), which is the Ohio and West Virginia affiliate of the National Dairy Council, to produce a video showcasing how dairy farmers in the two states are supporting the national sustainability goals.

The approximately 3.5-minute Sustainability—It Matters to All of Us video features real Ohio and West Virginia dairy farmers discussing why sustainability matters to them and why they are committed to being an environmental solution. It includes compelling real examples of specific steps dairy farmers are taking to protect the air, land and water on and near their farms. The video includes footage from several dairy farms to illustrate on-farm environmental practices and has facts and statistics integrated graphically to effectively communicate them.

Inspire worked with ADA Mideast to promote the video via organic and paid strategies on its social media as well as coordinate a statewide digital advertising campaign featuring it.

The Results

  • The Sustainability—It Matters to All of Us video has received 101,300+ views on ADA Mideast’s Facebook page and views total nearly 500 hours.
  • The sustainability advertising campaign ran across Ohio and West Virginia markets and had more than 3.3 million total impressions. It resulted in 2 million total video completions (number of people who watched 100 percent of the video) and video completion rates were between 66-93 percent.
  • A 15-second pre-roll video was created to tease the longer-form piece in the statewide digital advertising campaign. That video has received more than 81,000 views on YouTube.
  • The video received nearly 1,000 views on ADA Mideast’s Twitter and YouTube.
video views on Facebook
million display and pre-roll video advertising impressions