10 Tips to Become a Better Project Manager

By Michelle Leitzy
March 3, 2020

To carry out a project, whether for a large corporate client or a small startup, requires dedication, patience and acumen. (If I’m being honest, it also requires a lot of coffee!) But what do great project managers do to really excel at their jobs? Here are 10 project management tips that every new (and experienced) manager should know according to IMPACT.

  1. Set Goals and Priorities for the Project and Re-evaluate them Frequently

If you don’t have something to work backward from, planning and managing become very hard. Know what you are working towards by setting goals and project checkpoints.

  1. Write Everything Down

Project managers are constantly getting new information and juggling a variety of tasks. Write everything down and don’t just try to remember all the details. Doing this gives you a great reference to go back to in case you forget something.

  1. Use Helpful Project Management Tools

Use supplemental tools to help keep you organized. Tools like Trello, Evernote, Slack and Basecamp can really help improve team collaboration and communication.

  1. Delegate Properly

Involve the right people in the right project. Also, don’t think you should know everything; trust your team and assign tasks to the right people for the job.

  1. Ensure Everyone Agrees with the Plan

Even though a plan or strategy is set, it is not finalized. Make sure all team members and clients have seen and understood it. If there is any pushback or questions, make sure you listen carefully and deliver a clear explanation.

  1. Be Realistic and Honest

Honesty and transparency are important in both planning and delivering work. For example, be realistic when setting timelines. If a client wants a six-week project done in only three weeks, explain the value of taking an additional three weeks to deliver a well-thought-out project versus one that was done quickly and carelessly.

  1. Be as Detailed and Organized as Possible

This is a requirement of every project manager – you need to be detailed and organized. Your team and clients rely on you to keep projects moving forward. Help everyone involved by proactively getting them what they need before they even ask for it.

  1. Work Smarter, Not Harder

Always be improving your efficiencies and processes. Document all successful performance methods so you can use them again and continue to make them better.

  1. Over-Communicate

It is better to know too much than to not know enough. Ask too many questions and get clarification on everything. Knowing more information allows you to be more detailed and accurate in your execution.

  1. Hold Regularly Scheduled Meetings

It is important to hold meetings that benefit everyone involved. Schedule meetings around specific delivery points in your project to keep things moving at the set pace.