Sharpen Your Team's Skills with Inspire's Training Services

By Katie Lundy
October 6, 2021

Business and organizations have learned during the past two years– sometimes the hard way – that if they are not prepared to communicate well, then reputations may be damaged and trust from stakeholders may be at risk.

The tool that keeps businesses and organizations on course and ready to face whatever comes next is effective communication. And as teams return to the office, professional development and growing skills and expertise again has become a focus. Inspire has training resources and interactive programming to help leaders and their teams be well prepared to engage key audiences and maintain open dialogue with stakeholders into 2022 and beyond.

Our interactive training sessions, delivered both in person or virtually depending on health and safety protocols, outline communications best practices and include entertaining educational elements and opportunities for role play and on-camera mock interviews. Industry-specific trainings are customized for organizations’ unique needs and allow teams and leaders to receive excellent coaching through either half-day courses or full-day deep dive sessions.

As a former TV journalist, I especially enjoy putting participants through the paces of what to expect when working with media and testing their interview skills in front of the camera. It is rewarding to see participants demonstrate what they have learned to help stay on-message.

While every training is designed to meet a client’s particular needs, some of Inspire’s most-popular training packages are:

  • Crisis Response/Preparation: Companies and organizations of all sizes should be well-prepared to respond to a crisis to minimize the impact and protect brand reputation. From messaging and media to social media and stakeholder communications, Inspire helps participants prepare to navigate and respond to high-likelihood and high-impact crisis situations that could strike.
  • Media Training: The media environment today is not what it was 10 years ago, let alone two years ago. Resources are more diverse, the way we get our news has changed, and how we interact with reporters has evolved. Inspire provides one-on-one and group training to sharpen your media relations savviness and help you engage successfully. Learn how to build mutually beneficial media relationships and refine your interview skills to effectively share your story.
  • Social Media Best Practices: Learn about current social trends and best practices, updated data on top social platforms, the difference between paid and organic social media and how to use both to effectively reach target audiences, creation of compelling content and what’s next in social media. Participants also will come away with a strong understanding of how to most effectively leverage social media to achieve communication goals.
  • Leadership/Personal Branding/Public Speaking: Corporations aren’t the only ones with unique brands. Every individual leaves an impression (good or bad). Inspire works with emerging leaders, young professionals and c-suite executives to identify personal brand traits and opportunities for visibility to build thought leadership. We also can provide valuable speaking and presentation tips to improve your public presence.
  • Message Training: Is each one of your team members talking about your company/organization in a different way? How likely is it that messages will be received accurately by the outside world? Inspire will identify the values-based messages that resonate, educate participants on why messages are necessary, illustrate the importance of a cohesive message framework, and then train your team on how to deliver those key messages, creating a unified voice and elevating your brand.
  • Individual Coaching: For leaders and executives preparing for a significant interview or a major speaking engagement, Inspire’s team can provide one/one prep work and coaching services. From camera work to role play, and from message development to speaking and interview techniques, this individualized approach ensures clients are well prepared to engage.

Our team can come to our clients, or our clients can come to us. Our trainers travel nationwide to support our clients. Inspire’s small-group training facility and event space at our office in central Ohio is available to host trainings. The 1,500-square-foot space accommodates up to 24 individuals classroom-style and offers AV capabilities, conversation spaces, catering services, and a refreshment and lounge area for breaks.

Let’s chat about your professional development goals and how Inspire can help grow your business and your team. We’ll be glad to share the many testimonials we’ve received from our clients abou the benefits of our programs. Email Katie Lundy at to get more information about our trainings and to discuss how we can support your communications objectives.