Linking Your Brand and Uncommon National Celebrations

By Logan Trautman
April 28, 2016

From National Sausage Pizza Day (October 11) to National Hug a Plumber Day (April 25) there's a date reserved to celebrate just about everything. Many of these days go unrecognized, or some are playfully recognized through a witty tweet or a handwritten "Happy National Boss Appreciation Day" sign.

What many brands don't realize is that, in the age of social media, many of these holidays can be creatively leveraged to attract attention and build loyalty. There are a few simple ways to turn a seemingly-silly holiday into a date to remember.

Launch a social media promotion

Before social media, Twitter especially, many of the national day celebrations went unnoticed. Fast forward to present day, when a #NationalGrilledCheeseDay hashtag alerts us that today is the perfect day to celebrate the awesomeness that is bread, butter and cheese. Brands that can relate to a celebration shouldn't be wallflowers at the party!

Host a Twitter party, host a social media contest or giveaway, create shareable visuals or videos, or engage with users and other brands that are also celebrating. Always remember to include a hashtag associated with that particular day! Doing so will ensure posts will be seen when users are searching trending topics.

Host an event—and use social media to invite guests

By using the National Day Calendar, it's simple to find relevant celebrations months in advance—leaving plenty of time for party-planning. Plan a virtual or an in-person event to mark the occasion. Health care providers might invite social media followers to submit messages to nurses in honor of National Nurses Day (May 6), or a restaurant could integrate pecans into its daily special on National Pecan Day (April 14). Wineries and bars could offer deals on glasses of wine for National Drink Wine Day (February 18). The possibilities are endless!

Leverage holidays to raise awareness for charitable causes

Many brands and organizations have charitable causes for which they advocate and support. Use national days as a way to spread the word about these causes! If a company partners with a childhood literacy foundation, it could use Read Across America Day (March 2) to raise awareness for the organization's mission. Celebrations do not have to always be focused on self-promotion but instead used as a reason to start a meaningful conversation about a worthwhile cause.

Like many major holidays, national day celebrations often occur on the same date every year. Don't miss out: Make a calendar of relevant days so you always know what's coming up and can plan accordingly!