Getting the Message Right: Communicating with Visitors & Media During COVID-19

By Hana Bieliauskas & Amanda Ensinger
November 12, 2020

Marketing a destination, attraction or business during a pandemic must be done thoughtfully and consider the concerns, needs and expectations of guests. Effective communication, whether it be via social media channels, through advertising or with the media, is more important than ever. Careful thought must be given to messaging, including focusing on tone and language to ensure it resonates with audiences. This may require a change in strategy and getting creative with promotional tactics.

At the Rebound in 2021 Through Tourism Marketing Virtual Workshop in November 2020, Inspire’s Hana Bieliauskas and Amanda Ensinger offered tips for crafting messaging to be used in digital and earned media campaigns that encourages visits, while balancing the changed nature of travel in 2020 and beyond.

Click here to download their presentation from the event to discover how to create social media copy and ad messages that drive visits while building trust. Also, find out what types of stories media are looking for during this time of unrest and how to develop a strong pitch.

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